More polling from Talk Business examines the recent polling that shows Republican preferences among Arkansas voters when your only choice for a particular office is a generic Republican or Democrat. Talk Business finds the same preference. But it also actually polls some individual races.

Where labeled as a Republican, GOP candidates showed big leads in races for lesser statewide offices where no incumbent is on the balllot — lieutenant governor, secretary of state, land commissioner. Stripped of party identification, the Democratic candidates had leads (but not majority support) in each race. The names, of course, will be accompanied by party labels on the ballot, though not so much in advertising leading up to the election.

That’s why they hold elections.

PS — The Democratic Party best do some thinking on this trend. Like a TV campaign with Bill Clinton, David Pryor, Dale Bumpers, Vic Snyder and a few others. “We Are the Democratic Party.” The Obama factor is real enough and dissatisfaction is high, but I don’t think a thoughtful voter might give pause before a reflexive switch with a little encouragement.