Badly needing a change of subject from his poor tax bookkeeping, Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Keet held a news conference this morning to talk about the state car fleet and announce a planned lawsuit over car use. The suit will claim cars have been provided for constitutional officers in violation of Amendment 70. The amendment stripped elected officials of their public relations account and limited compensation to statutorily fixed salaries. I think they have a legal leg to stand on. Doyle Webb, the GOP chairman, would have carried a bit more credibility had he raised this during the Huckabee era, particularly before Tom Mars dreamed up the security detail ruse to cover all manner of Huckabee family transportation and taxpayer-supported services.

Gerard Matthews was there. We provided a livestream from his cell phone. You can watch part one of the press conference here. The second video includes Keet and Webb’s responses to reporters’ questions. More on the jump.


But, first a zinger from the Beebe campaign about Keet’s effort to bring up the days four years ago when Beebe had a car as attorney general, but paid tax on the benefit:

Governor Beebe paid his taxes when no one was looking, unlike Mr. Keet who doesn’t pay his taxes and blames everyone else for his troubles.