President Clinton recently said that voters were suffering from amnesia, but it looks like the pundits have a case of it themselves. Former Gov. Mike Huckabee was on hand today for the state Republican Party’s “Victory Rally.” Other notables included Rep. John Boozman, 2nd District congressional candidate Tim Griffin, 1st District candidate Rick Crawford and Republican gubernatorial hopeful Jim Keet. Huckabee told reporters:


“The best way that Arkansas people can speak out is to vote a straight Republican ticket this year and just say, ‘We’re going to give the other party — they’ve never had a shot at really running the government — let’s let them try.’ Let’s give them a shot at it, because the other party’s done a pretty miserable job if you look at the overall status of things. So give the Republicans a shot.”

Huckabee must have forgotten the 108th and 109th Congresses, which were controlled by Republicans under George W. Bush. They did one heckuva job, remember? If it weren’t for the GOP-controlled Congress between 2003 and 2007, we might not have ever had that second round of tax cuts for the rich or the Iraq war. But the current administration, the one that’s only been in power for 9 20 months, they’re responsible for all the deficits, right?

STRATEGIZING: Huckabee and Griffin

  • Jason Tolbert
  • STRATEGIZING: Huckabee and Griffin