Little Rock School Board member Micheal Daugherty, defeated by Michael Nellums last night in a bid for re-election, sent an e-mail response to reporters early this morning.

Given the accusations and threats made to and against the Little Rock Education Association President, Cathy Kohler and member Floyd Smith prior to the election by Mr. Nellums, I am deeply concerned about the future and
wellbeing of the Association and its members.

Also, based on the threats and tactics used during this election, I do not respect him as a person or as a newly elected school board member. I believe he and his supporters’ tactics were demeaning and totally reprehensible.

We ran a good campaign and did so without the benefit of personal attacks, bullying, or intimidation of the opposition and that makes us very proud. Regrettably, the voters of Zone #2 have made their choice, which did not happen to be in my favor, I honor their decision but will continue to be an advocate for the students and teachers of the Little Rock School District.

May peace be with you,
Robert M. Daugherty

I am unaware of any allegations of “accusations and threats.” (UPDATE: Daugherty says Nellums accused the union leader of being responsible for an ugly anonymous letter he received and also had words with Floyd Smith, who has been a Central High security officer.)


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