The Iconoclast is all over the latest un-American activity in Benton County.


It’s an effort afoot in Bella Vista to ban the construction of mosques there and to ban the practice of Sharia law. What’s needed, I think, are some stonings of whoever proposed this with marble-bound copies of the U.S. Constitution. This is Newt’s madness at work among the panic-stricken and gullible. Says the Iconoclast:

The First Amendment has never been of much interest in Benton County, whether it is challenges to library books deemed dangerous or the right of association for employees wishing to bargain collectively. No doubt, banning all mosques will be supported overwhelmingly by the local residents and the pandering politicians, the constitution notwithstanding.

Now, making the practice of Sharia law unauthorized across the board is the real news. Who knew that the judges and lawyers up there were sneaking in Islamic legal principles to contend with the statutory code of Leviticus and the Ten Commandments. Best to nip that in the bud before the camel’s nose gets on a slippery slope.

Bellavistian Kay Strickland sounded the jeremiad today, warning the embattled Christian majority that “America is being taken over from the inside out.” She and co-crusader Bill Duncan will not sit by and lose the battle for the soul of Bella Vista. “I must do what I must do, I love America and I love Bella vista,” she said



America is being taken over all right. But the threat is from home-grown Taliban and teabaggers, not from without. This story has legs. National legs. Cameras should be rolling Friday when Ms. Strickland and Mr. Duncan strut their stuff.

More here. Strickland doesn’t want anyone to think the welcome sign on the road into Bella Vista applies to Muslims. Her stance is a little off-putting,we’d guess, to the nearby Bentonville Islamic Center. (The center provides directions from the Walmart HQ, I notice.) There are no mosque plans at the moment for B.V., by the way. But there are six in Arkansas, which snuck in despite Kay Strickland’s defense of cherished American values (religious bigotry and discrimination).