Meet Gwendolyn Strong. Thanks to health care reform, this three-year-old won’t be cut off life-giving ventilators when her parents’ insurance policy hits an arbitrary cap. Meet Lacy McLear, back on her parents insurance plan. Meet Joe and Mary Thompson, their afflicted children until yesterday uninsurable on account of pre-existing conditions when he changed jobs and insurer.

To such people, John Boozman, Tim Griffin, Rick Crawford and company say a hearty F*** you. They’ve vowed to repeal the law that has extended these blessings. The goofy Republican pizza maker running for lieutenant governor, Mark Darr, has even said he will sue himself, by God, if that’s what it takes to stop sick people from getting insurance coverage; to be sure that three-year-olds are jerked off their ventilators, to stop the flow of hundreds of millions of dollars to Arkansas community hospitals, clinics and health care providers.


It is too much to ask that, with six weeks left before the election, Arkansas voters will see the error of their ways in hating health care reform legislation. We’ve been down this road before on great national issues. We will again pay and pay and pay later for our obdurate blindness.