Arkansas Business is covering the final day of the trial of lawyer/developer Aaron Jones, accused of setting his Chenal Valley mansion afire to collect the insurance and help himself out of a tight financial spot.

Closing arguments today included references to urine-soaked underwear Jones wore that night, offered as evidence by the defense that he truly had been scared witless by the intruders who supposedly tied him up and then set his house on fire. No theory has been offered for that intrusion and nothing was stolen.

Federal prosecutors countered with another explanation for Jones losing bladder control: Jones could see that his neighbors didn’t believe his middle-of-the-night account of “crawling and hopping from his house” to get help after unknown intruders bound him with duct tape and set the house ablaze.

“I’m going to get caught,” said Daniel Stripling, assistant U.S. attorney. “That would be a good reason to pee in your pants, I would submit.”

UPDATE: GUILTY. The federal jury convicted Jones on all four counts. He was spared immediate detention at least until Monday.