Politics have truly gone down Alice’s rabbit hole.

Within the space of five minutes I’ve received:


1) A news release from Republican Tim Griffin, the nightmarish successor to U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder, demanding that Congress stay in session until it completes action on extending tax cuts to all, particularly the wealthy. I agree that Congress should get work done on the Bush tax cuts, extending all those BUT those for the wealthy.

2) A news release about the push from Republican senators to reduce the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit — legislation that will send millions, particularly in poor states like Arkansas, back or deeper into poverty.


I’ve asked Griffin if his desire for tax plan action includes support for seeing the Republican Senate legislation passed, too, before the election.

I don’t get it. A party pushing to INCREASE taxes for the poorest Americans and CUT taxes for the richest Americans is the runaway favorite for an electoral tsunami this fall.


Under the McConnell proposal, more than 18 million children will see their CTC reduced or eliminated, and a single parent working full-time and earning minimum wage will see their CTC reduced from nearly $1,800 to $320—a loss of nearly $1,500. In addition, more than 7 million households will see their EITC benefits reduced or eliminated. Extending the current EITC and CTC benefit levels would keep more than 1.5 million people, including 858,000 children, from falling into poverty.

But how can we pay for bonuses for billionaires unless we cut somewhere?