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MAILBAG UPDATE: A correspondent says Bishop Steven Arnold announced his departure today from the St. Mark Baptist Church pulpit. It’s a big and influential church — 6,700 members and a powerhouse in the black community. Arnold frequently allies himself personally with political candidates, as in a recent LR School Board race behind Micheal Daugherty (who lost). The church has been a major investor in redeveloping land around the church on W. 12th Street, near University Ave. KARK is now reporting his depature. Sounds interesting.



  • St. Mark

Sunday morning Bishop Steven Arnold, pastor of the 6,700 member Saint Mark Baptist Church, resigned.

He asked the congregation for forgiveness, but didn’t fully explain why.

Members say he did use the word ‘indiscretion’ as part of the reason he was relinquishing leadership of the church.

The announcement stunned the congregation, leading many people to shriek and others to cry.

ELECTION NOTE: Beebe by 10 in latest Rasmussen.

Also, Republican lt. gov. candidate Mark Darr posted on Twitter this photo of a Tea Party assembly in Mountain Home today. He said thousands were in attendance.