We’re on the downhill.

LATE NEWS NOTE: The Log Cabin Democrat reports that Faulkner County authorities have charged two men with first degree murder in an apparent road rage incident Sept. 12 that led to a crash that killed four people on U.S. 64 near Vilonia. The men had apparently been chasing each other for seven or eight miles before one crossed into oncoming traffic and caused a multi-car wreck that killed four of five family members in one of the cars.

SPEAKING OF HYPOCRITES: The GOP campaign committee is busying trying to brand 1st District Democrat Chad Causey a Washington bureaucrat because he worked on Marion Berry’s staff. A respected fact-checking website says the commercial is a lie. But never mind that: Word is that Republican opponent is expecting an Arkansas visit Oct. 16 from the orange man himself, House Speaker Wannabe John Boehner. Who you callin’ insider?

SPEAKING OF BAD NEWS: The DCCC has cancelled $500,000 worth of planned TV for 2nd District candidate Joyce Elliott. I don’t need TV to know which way the wind blows. To paraphrase a Louisiana campaign of yore: Vote against Rove’s thug. It’s important.