It’s been a little confusing trying to straighten this out, but here’s some news from Faulkner County. Johnny Rhoda, the preacher who sued Mike Beebe and the state’s other constitutional officers over their use of state cars, says he’s “authorized” the Republican member of the Election Commission to look into moving the county’s early voting place in the Faulkner Square Shopping Center on Harkrider.

The early voting site, which has been used by the county for a couple of years, is now owned by the family of Democratic house candidate Dr. Steve Magie. It’s also across the street from the county Democratic Party office. Neither sits well with the Republicans.

Faulkner County Republican Chairman Marvin Lessmann, who voted for the location as an early voting site when he sat on the election commission in 2008, said the commission had hidden the fact that the building was owned by the Magie family. He also questions how the $5,000 lease is being paid.

Rhoda says it’s not a formal complaint. Commission chairman Frank Shaw said the commission will have a decision by 4 p.m. Rhoda said Phillip Liggitt, the commission’s GOP representative, has told him it may be a little late to change the site, used by thousands of voters, since early voting starts Monday.


Ernie Dumas wrote a story in last week’s issue about Rhoda’s educational credentials.