The mailbag this morning brings extensive material from John Thurston, the Republican church minister who is running for state land commissioner.

Democrat L.J. Bryant has been endorsed by the Arkansas Realtors Association in this race. Real estate. Land. Computes.


Thurston informs me he’s been endorsed by a champion bass fisherman, a member of his church who’s retired from the State Police, an anti-abortion group and a Republican elected to a similar land office in New Mexico (though the flyer omits the partisan connection on that last endorsement). The Republican I get. Bass? Abortion? Fellow church member? Don’t get. Well, OK, I do get the messaging at work — irrelevant to the job, but relevant politically. But whatever attraction such silly appeals might have to niche voters, I still don’t believe the land commissioner will have much impact on abortion. Or my landing a satchelmouth bass.