This just in from the University of Arkansas:

Razorback Athletics will host a press conference on Wednesday, October 27 (today) at 4:30 p.m. in the A Club to make an announcement regarding plans to address the football program’s facility needs. University of Arkansas Director of Athletics Jeff Long will be present to make the announcement.

Back story:

Based on reliable sources, I sent a message to Kevin Trainor, associate athletic director, last Thursday saying it was my understanding a master plan for athletic facilities, particularly a new football facility, had been virtually completed and that Athletic Director Jeff Long had been meeting with potential contributors about it. He responded that they had “preliminary plans” and had talked with contributors, but that it was unknown when the master plan would be completed. I sent an immediate response saying that I wanted to see the preliminary plans. I followed up Sunday — when Trainor didn’t respond — with what I thought was the needless reminder that this was of course a request under the FOI for relevant documents. Trainor responded Monday:

The language in your Thursday e-mail (sent at 2:39 p.m.) did not make it clear that you were requesting any records under FOIA. Your e-mail sent on Sunday clarified that you were making a FOIA request. We are working to process your request.

It would appear that processing of my request for information won’t be completed until 4:30 p.m. today. New athletic director. Same old crap from the University of Arkansas. They play games with the public trust, abuse the Freedom of Information Act and expect reporters to be like the press box club that is generally reluctant to press for information for fear it might cause blowback in the course of their regular beat reporting. Chancellor Gearhart, you running the campus, or just the part where games aren’t played? I’ve got a six-day-old request for public information that still hasn’t been fulfilled. You think you could see about that?