Randi Romo, who helped organize a demonstration last week at the Midland School District over anti-gay Facebook remarks made by School Board member Clint McCance, says she’s been notified by Superintendent Dean Stanley that the district has now received McCance’s letter of resignation and he’ll be officially removed from the School Board today.

UPDATE: Superintendent Stanley sent me a note to say a special school board meeting was called this morning to accept the letter of resignation and the board voted unanimously to do so. Stanley said there was no discussion.


UPDATE II: Here’s a copy of his resignation letter, which was faxed to Today’s THV.

Noted: The Democrat-Gazette at last commented editorially on the event today, a two-pronged piece that, while deploring his remarks, didn’t name McCance but criticized CNN’s Anderson Cooper for “bullying” the school board member in the TV interview in which McCance apologized and said he would resign. We can’t know, but it’s interesting to speculate how events might have unfolded without CNN’s reporting of McCance’s remarks. Or how civil rights events of the 1960s would have unfolded had not some of the perpetrators of hateful words and deeds been “bullied” by exposure and repeated questioning on television about their acts.


Romo, who heads the organization Center for Artistic Revolution, commented on the episode: