Somebody asked who’s paying for the campaign to increase interest limits, make it easier to sell bonds and make it easier to pass out taxpayer subsidies to private business?

Here’s the latest filing from the Committee for Arkansas’s Future, which is pushing the amendments. You’ll see lots of Chamber of Commerce money, including the taxpayer-subsidized Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce and similar, plus $100,000 from used car dealer Car Mart, which wants a higher rate for car financing. A separate car dealers group, the Fair Credit Coalition, has kicked in $70,000. The committee was set up by the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce.


I’m assuming it’s their campaign consultant, the Markham Group, that came up with the idea to package the constitutional right to hunt amendment (and its presumed easy passage) with the bastardized triplet amendment and the corporate welfare amendment. “Easy as 1, 2, 3” the ad says.