The *&^*% Holiday House crowd means it will take about an hour to get out of the downtown parking deck. Maybe I should go to Dugan’s Pub and have a Guinness first. Tidbits:

* David Goins has a report for Fox 16 from the West Memphis Three prosecutor. Bottom line: We’re months away from further action in this case.


* Blue Arkansas wants the head of the state Democratic Party to roll.

* I forgot to mention earlier that some House chairmanships were announced today, including one I’d reported weeks ago. State Rep. Kathy Webb of Little Rock will indeed be House chair of Joint Budget. The Republicans have majorities on both Senate and House transportation committees. They are going to do some serious messing with the Highway and Transportation Department about how it allocates highway dollars.


* Tommy Fite and sympathizers continue to caterwaul about his removal from the ballot for a 1984 criminal conviction involving misuse of public money. He’s now claiming a State Police employee improperly accessed the criminal infomation system to find out about his past. Jason Tolbert is busily trying to reconstruct the vote to prove he’d have won the election for a House seat covering Crawfrord and Franklin counties — IF ONLY HE DIDN’T HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD. That disqualifies him. The rest is interesting — maybe even prosecutable — but irrelevant to his ability to serve.