David Weigel writes in Slate that the race for 2nd District Congress in Arkansas — and the huge victory by a veteran Bush administration political henchman, Tim Griffin — is as good an illustration as any of why George W. Bush’s record just doesn’t matter.

Elliot tried to drape Bush around Griffin’s shoulders, especially his involvement—still much disputed—with the Bush re-election campaign’s effort to “cage” voter registrations by sending first-class mail to their addresses and seeing if it bounced back.

“It was not hard to explain,” she told me, reflecting on the race. “It was absolutely out there. But it absolutely did not take hold with people.” Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington dubbed Griffin one of the “Crooked Candidates of 2010.” Griffin simply called CREW a “fringe left-wing group,” and newspapers thwacked Elliot for harping on her opponent’s past. Elliot attacked Griffin over the “caging” scandal, so he said she wanted to “make this election about defending ACORN.” She fired her guns; the bullets bounced like rubber.