And the line is open for your thought.

I’d like to call attention to some items in this week’s paper, now on-line:


* Baker Kurrus has a cry of the heart and a call for community attention to the Little Rock School District, which he served as a board member for 12 years. I told Luke Gordy, lobbyist for the Walton charter school juggernaut, earlier this week that he’d be quoting this essay approvingly. Was I right, Luke?

* Speaking of schools: I’ve written a column about the money Jim Walton is spreading around to ease passage of his charter school and other legislation in the coming session.


* Please read David Koon’s interview with the unreconstructed Loy Mauch, a Confederate sympathizer and Abraham Lincoln critic, who’ll be one of the new Republicans in the state legislature. Didn’t they use to call the GOP the Party of Lincoln? Loy won’t.

* I also recommend a look at Ernest Dumas, who explains why Nancy Pelosi isn’t the demon Republicans made her out to be with such success.


* And, in our eternal effort to look after the retail needs of Hillcrest and Heights shoppers, we report talk of a Walmart supercenter for the Riverdale shopping center.

UPDATE: I’ve already heard from Luke Gordy, who indeed praised the “thoughtful and pragmatic” Baker Kurrus. He also elaborated on his group’s full legislative agenda. More detail follows, from his note: