Jason Tolbert set off a chain reaction yesterday by noting that Mike Huckabee was being touted as a headliner for a coming Religious Right event in Iowa as a “pastor not a politician.” Politico picked it up. Huckabee’s PAC then issued a clarification. Huck hasn’t been a pastor in 20 years, the statement said. He’s a politician, by golly. (Also, to channel Kris Kristofferson: Poet, picker, prophet, pusher of B.S. and a problem when he exaggerates. A walking contradiction; partly truth, partly fiction.)

As Tolbert notes, it’s the first time that he could recall that a politician wanted to be known as a politician.

The Huckster is, of course, aiming for the presidency again and anxious not be pigeonholed in the Falwell/Robertson/Swaggart camp.