MATHIEU: Though hes often happy to promote the airport, he wont talk to us.

  • MATHIEU: Though he’s often happy to promote the airport, he won’t talk to us.

Leslie Newell Peacock has uncovered a story that we published on-line today.


It’s about Ron Mathieu, executive director of Little Rock National Airport, directing $40,000 to his child’s private Christian school to help pay for a new football field surface. It’s about his unwillingness to talk about it. It’s about the Airport Commission’s lack of concern so far for the expenditure, even though he misled the Commission at a June meeting when the expenditure came up.

Read her story.


Be sure to read the transcript of the June Commission meeting at which Mathieu created a smokescreen when a commissioner happened to notice something unusual in the airport advertising budget.

Or you can just listen to the meeting by using the player below.


There is more to come on the airport story, some of which I hint at in my column for next week, also posted early on-line.