The Political Animals Club heard from the three newly elected Republican statewide officers. Mark Darr, Mark Martin and John Thurston talked at the Governors Mansion. Somebody said Larry, Moe and Curly, but that’s unkind.

From Roby Brock’s Twitters, I gather:

* Mark Martin, soon to be secretary of state, says there’s little room for partisanship in his redistricting duties (unless it’s protecting Republican interests, of course.)

* Rising Lt. Gov. Mark Darr, the pizza magnate, says he’s going to talk some law with Attorney General Dustin McDaniel on his irrelevant and loser of an idea to sue over the health care law, already challenged all over the place. Darr also says spending $300,000 to put the state budget on-line would save that much through “transparency.” I’m not sure I get the correlation, but I’m all for putting everything on-line, particularly the expense account spending of all constitutional officers and their employees. Particularly Mark Martin.

* John Thurston. At last report, the church security guard had not been heard from on his plans for the land commissioner’s office.

UPDATE: Roby Brock rounds up the remarks, including Thurston’s mild remarks about the existing staff and current Land Commissioner Mark Wilcox’s “professionalism.” That’s a little too nice for two-truck Wilcox.