We’re done here: Noted:

* Despite Airport Chairman Bob East’s promise of new open and transparent relations with media, I still have yet to receive a direct response to a single question I’ve sent to Tiajuana Williams, the Little Rock National Airport’s $96,000-a-year media relations manager. Some FOI compliance from the airport’s $10,000-a-month lawyer, yes. Answers from Williams, no.


* Greg Leding, the new Democratic state rep. from Fayetteville is Twittering to beat the band. If he keeps it up, he’ll be a great source of short-take coverage.

* Gov. Beebe on that deficit in the unemployment trust fund: Let’s you (business) and him (labor) fight and give me a compromise. It’ll include an increased payment any way you slice it for business. What about it, ‘baggers?


* Thanks to Brummett for noting Alabama Republicans are talking serious ethics legislation. Time for some copycatting here, Ark. Republicans. And, again, Democrats, no reason you can’t jump out in front of this parade.

* Don McSwain, a longtime Game and Fish worker, was found dead in Cook’s Lake where he worked as manager of a conservation education center. Channel 4 indicates a possible boating accident in the Arkansas County lake.


* ALSO: The Little Rock City Board tonight will hear a budget outline from City Manager Bruce Moore. I asked for copies of the documents this morning. They contended there were none, only a PowerPoint in progress that would be ready, oh, about the minute the meeting began. The city of Little Rock simply does not give a s*** about public accountability or the Freedom of Information Act. I”ve been trying for a week to get the city to act on my FOI request for how the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce spends its taxpayer-provided $200,000. Mayor Stodola does not give a flip. Bruce Moore does not give a flip. Whatever Jay Chesshir of the Chamber says (nothing) is fine with them.

* AND ALSO: Arkadelphia has a Promise Scholarship program similar to El Dorado’s, announced today. The Ross Foundation and Southern Bancorp are providing the funding to provide scholarship money to lottery scholarship-eligible students that would supplement those scholarships up to the total cost of mandatory tuition and fees at Arkansas colleges based on a sliding scale tied to the number of years a student spent in Arkadelphia schools — 100 percent for K-12. How nice to see an investment from private organizations as opposed to a hand dipping into the city till, as the chamber does in Little Rock. NOTE: Arkadelphia will also give scholarships to students going out of state up to an amount equal to the highest tuition cost of an Arkansas public university. The news release: