I’m blessed to be on the mailing list of Debbie Pelley, a dedicated and energetic wingnut whose writings over the years have spanned everything from the evils of certain types of teaching methods to the glories of Jim Holt.

Today’s missive is on the Obama-backed (and John Brummett-endorsed!) move to a carless society. She’s raising an alarm about the presentation of a Muslim (!) transportation planner in her hometown of Jonesboro. He’s craftily pushing the carless agenda by advocating for bike trails and even streets that have room for bikes and pedestrians and bus stops as well as cars. Oh, sure, it’s just for recreation NOW. But that’s not the master plan. Trust Debbie.


I kid you not. Check it out.

You can have Debbie’s steering wheel when you pry it from her cold, dead fingers.


We were totally flabbergasted to learn how far along our own area is on this road to wean us off cars and to coerce us into using alternate transportation like bikes, buses, walking, and rail.

PS — As luck would have it, New York news today includes motorists’ revolt against accommodations made to bikers in New York City.

If only.