Now’s your chance. Odds and ends:

* Fellow named Robert Dean, an unemployed remodeler acting as his own attorney, sued in federal court in Little Rock today claiming new TSA screenings and searches are unconstitutional. Note that the imaging machine isn’t in use in Little Rock yet.


* In the usual fog of feel-good and headline-grabbing early legislation comes one on the other side of the immigrant equation: Rep. Jim Nickels would provide civil penalties and even license revocation for contractors who employ workers without legal status.

* UPDATE: The Pulaski Quorum Court went with the 4 percent pay raise for everybody, including themselves, but no additional 1 percent for deputy sheriffs. They got some Tea Party questioning about why ALL, not just, say, sheriff’s deputies, needed the big raise. (Who knew Jeannie Burlsworth lived in Pulaski County. She’s on the ragged edge, judging by her shrill tirade.) Tea Party questions also hit the parks and trails projects — at Big Dam Bridge, Two Rivers Park, Clinton Library, Coleman Creek, MacArthur Park. The objectors just don’t understand transportation funds can’t be spent on the jail. Only Phil Stowers and Doug Reed voted for a motion to exempt JPs from the pay raise.


Note to Judge Villines: The budget details are not on-line. they should be.