Interesting story in Democrat-Gazette today. Andy Davis writes about a state parole worker unhappy that a state Parole Board member, Jimmy Wallace of England, got little more than a tsk-tsk and some counseling on sexual harassment for reportedly asking to see a tattoo on her breast, talking about sexual matters with female employees and remarking on the “eye candy” in the office. The worker says the discipline was insufficient and has appealed a grievance board finding.

It would be one thing if Wallace was a career worker with a good record who, for whatever reason, blundered into unseemly talk with subordinates. But he’s a patronage hack. He’s getting almost $80,000 a year courtesy of a political appointment by Gov. Mike Beebe in February to one of the sweeter gigs in state government. No experience required. If the facts are as described, the governor should take action that clearly demonstrates what he believes is acceptable behavior in the work place. He says he’s waiting to see how the employee’s appeal turns out. Wallace has already sufficiently dishonored Beebe’s appointment.