Your thoughts welcome here. In closing:


* OK, maybe Thanksgiving morning isn’t the best roll-out date for the best breakfasts in Arkansas. But this one is clip-and-save material and we’ll be posting a lot more of Kat’s extensive breakfast travels on-line. Stay tuned. And check Eat Arkansas, too.

* I highly recommend David Koon’s report on pollution in a small, dead tributary in the Ouachita River watershed near Hot Springs. In a nutshell, it illustrates the inadequacy of the state’s environmental regulation. Even regulators with good intentions are at the mercy of polluters and too-small budgets.

* Finally, the Little Rock School District. My column this week explains a little about the recent closed sessions of the Little Rock School Board. They are preparing to hire a superintendent to replace Linda Watson. They’d like to buy her out before June 30 so she’s not in the middle of things when a successor is chosen. She doesn’t want to go and her defenders — Board members Katherine Mitchell and Dianne Curry and the teachers union — are doing all they can to slow the inevitable.

* UPDATE: That trial of Tom DeLay? GUILTY! Maybe he can dance with some stars at Hunstville. Or do a little bareback ridin’

* UPDATE II: It’s been reported that the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals today overturned with no comment Judge Bill Wilson’s injunction on certain construction work at SWEPCO’s proposed air-fouling, unnecessary power plant in Hempstead County. Does this tip the corporatist hand of the Republican-dominated 8th Circuit? Just wondering.