Another day, more misinformation from Sen. Mark Pryor. Yesterday, it was gay bigotry. Today, it’s the brown people he’s after, according to a Democrat-Gazette interview with him on his opposition to the DREAM Act. He opposes giving a path to citizenship for children brought to the U.S. without papers by immigrant parents. He thinks that a college education or military service isn’t a sufficient entry fee for long-time residents — local high school graduates — who committed no wrong themselves, except by their existence on U.S. soil. His misinformation is in suggesting 1) that the presence of these children would somehow deny a college spot to others and 2) that their families aren’t paying taxes. They are, of course, and often not receiving the benefits — Social Security and Medicare, for example — that come from the taxes they pay. If they go to college, they pay higher tuition tham students from Texas and other surrounding states.

Pryor is, of course, already demagoguing for election — senator or governor in four years. He’s taking the easy path to presumed safety — play on irrational fears by marginalizing the different. Any day now, he should adopt the latest talking point — that white men are the real victims of discrimination in America today. Pryor should not be surprised when he wakes in 2014 to find, as Blanche Lincoln did, that Democratic base voters give not a fig whether he lives or dies politically. Might as well vote for Mark Martin or John Thurston. What, really, is the difference?