Good story by Chris Bahn for Arkansas Business about UA Athletic Director Jeff Long’s contract. He can double his $450,000 annual pay by meeting academic and athletic targets, mostly athletic ones. A BCS bowl win would be worth $25,000, for example.

No requirements in that contract on strict compliance with the Freedom of Information Act or financial transparency, apparently. The Razorback Foundation still serves as a handy shield for much of money business. We’re also still trying to get a handle on the widely varying figures the athletic department has submitted to different state and federal agencies on annual revenue.

SPEAKING OF FOOTBALL: Jonesboro Sun reports that ASU football coach Steve Roberts may be on his way out. I’ve said it before: ASU should join UCA in bowl subdivision territory. It’s good, competitive football. Winning more games — instead of being fodder for real D-I teams — spurs fan interest and attendance. And — see Louisiana — you could still get a game with UA.

UPDATE: Roberts’ firing announced at a 4 p.m. news conference. Athletic Director Dean Lee heaped praise on Roberts for his nine years of “service and dedication.” A bit much, really.