The free state of Hillcrest is happy to have its Kroger back after the long rebuilding. But the grumbling is growing about how Kroger chose to stock the new store — long on prepared food, way short on staple items that once were on the shelves there. Typical is a note I received last night. I hope the rumor reported in it contains some shred of truth. Each shopping trip I take turns up another item the store no longer stocks, from paper goods to big bottles of Tabasco sauce.

A friend of mine was at Kroger recently and was talking to a cashier. She told him that “Cincinnati” was in town the day before and they were going to renovate the store again. They have had so many complaints (and Target defections) that my friends thought that they were going to go back to having grocery products as opposed to sushi, flower stores and aisles of frozen pizza.

Just last Sunday I went to Target to stock up on things I can no longer obtain at the neighborhood Kroger. Soon enough, I might skip the Kroger altogether.


I put something about this on the Times’ Facebook page. Lots of agreement there, too.