The line is open.

But perhaps you’d be interested in some back-and-forth earlier today on Twitter relative to the current front-runner for top time-waster of the session, the legislation to change the nickname of Arkansas back to Land of Opportunity. Read from bottom up time-wise for this excerpt of the link above:


@Sarah Huckabee: Its ridiculous how much time we r wasting db8ing motto, when people r out of work. Need 2 b creating jobs, not new license plates.

@TolbertReport @SarahHuckabee although I will admit our state tax structure has been known to drive millionaires to Florida


@TolbertReport: @SarahHuckabee Gee – opposing @David_J_Sanders bill #shock #dismay

@SarahHuckabee leg should focus on creating opp 4 biz/citizens. Changing motto doesnt create opp, which is what we really need.


UPDATE: UA Athletic Director Jeff Long announced completion of the new 7-year deal with Hog football coach Bobby Petrino. Average pay $3.56 million per year; he gives a non-compete on jumping to any SEC school. Here’s the release.

Oh, and there’s this: Buyouts won’t be cheap: $18 million in 2011.