A reader noted last night — and the website confirms — that terms of four members of the Little Rock Airport Commission expire at the end of this year. They are current chair Bob East, Tom Schueck, Jimmy Moses and City Director B.J. Wyrick, who sits as an ex officio member. It will be Mayor Mark Stodola’s decision to reappoint current members or name new members.

Questions for the blog audience:


1) Is fresh leadership in order?

2) Should the mayor hold discussions on the appointments in public?


UPDATE: I should have posted this earlier. Schueck and East are seeking reappointment; Moses is not. Other applicants for the commission are:

Henri’ Atkins


Wesley Clark

Walter Ederle

Max Livingston

Kenyon Lowe, Sr.


Heartsill Ragon III

By law, at least one commissioner must be experienced in aviation and hold a pilot’s license. East is one of two members who currently fill that description. The other is Kay Arnold.