Making my last-minute shopping rounds today I gathered the sports world is abuzz over the decision to allow Ohio State players to participate in the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas despite having sold some gifts and uniforms. Not that you care, but:

* I’m glad the players will play against Arkansas. I’d rather play the whole team, not part of it. (Though you wonder whether Oklahoma might have wished for that in retrospect in the 1976 1978 Orange Bowl.)


* These guys may have known rules prevented trading rings and jerseys and stuff. But something about this doesn’t seem quite fair. They were given these items. They didn’t have bowl game rings on loan. When they are no longer players, they can sell them. If they can sell a used car they own, why not an old football jersey. I understand that without these rules all kinds of shams could be invented to get money into pockets of star players. It’s another one of those times when I think Orvillle Henry was right. Pay college football and basketball players and be done with it. Why should the schools be able to score big on a jersey with a famous name on the back and not the famous name?