The e-mail today brings a link to a cautionary tale from the state of Washington. It’s about a woman who fed many stories to an elderly man with Alzheimer’s and allegedly drained his estate of $2 million. His family has won a lawsuit against her. She’s appealing. And further investigations are underway. According to the story at the link, the family of the elderly man thinks the woman has quite a past — under a different name — as an Arkansas ex-con who stabbed her niece’s boyfriend to death. (In self-defense, she said.)

The feds are now on the case. The alleged killer from Arkansas is lawyered up and taking the Fifth and saying the elderly man willingly gave her all his money.


My tipster says the woman is originally from Marvell. You might take a look and see if the name rings a bell. The name turns up in this federal appeals court decision on a case brought by an Arkansas prisoner.

No indication yet that a pardon or parole decision figured in the woman’s washing up in the state of Washington.


UPDATE: If the woman in Washington is indeed the same woman convicted of second-degree murder in Arkansas, that woman completed her 15-year sentence in Phillips County on April, 28, 1995. She went to prison March 5, 1987, but cut the sentence almost in half by accumulating time off for good behavior.