The right-wingers are working on a new scriptPresident Obama wants to give the US of A back to the Indians.

This could almost be funny. If the promoters weren’t deadly serious and their followers not so gullible.

Same thing with the effort to get people into a sweat about the possibility that gay and straight military people might enter a group shower together once DADT is gone. You’d laugh at this, too, but bathroom scare tactics are a tried-and-true tool of the religious right. The invocation of “unisex bathrooms” helped put an end to the Equal Rights Amendment.

UPDATE: More from the bitter enders of the far right. Several conservative groups are pulling out of the annual CPAC confab, in the past a must-do for wingers. Now they are saying, not if gay Republican groups are included. Could be catching, I guess. What’s next; mandatory rainbow emblems to identify the despised?