For a slow day, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette delved into Census findings that seven Arkansas counties are made up of a majority of people not born in Arkansas — Benton, Carroll, Marion, Baxter, Fulton, Little River and Miller. The reporter interviewed legislators about how being “native” may not be a plus in political campaigns in such locales. One little tidbit caught my eye in this discussion of whether geographic background is important or not:

Republican state Rep. Les Carnine of Rogers, a California native who was raised in Iowa, told the paper his Midwestern values meshed with those of Arkansans. But he also noted that he’d lived in the state 25 years, including, in the words of the reporter, “stints in Harrison and Texarkana.” My question: Did Carnine or the reporter omit his “stint” in Little Rock, as superintendent of the evil Little Rock School District? Might it be that Little Rock cooties could cause you more political trouble in Benton County than even a California birthplace?