Gov. Mike Beebe’s help couldn’t get Sen. Shane Broadway elected lieutenant governor, but he ends up with a much more lucrative job and I doubt Beebe was a bad reference. He does have a college degree. In addiition to serving in the legislature for the last dozen years or so, he’s also had a job as, well, that’s never been exactly clear.

He’s been named deputy director of the state Higher Education Department. He’ll be paid $129,309 annually. That’s a bit better than lt. gov., who I think makes in the $40s. The previous deputy director, Stanley Williams, retired Oct. 15, a department spokesman said.

Release follows (Jim Purcell, director of the department, called the appointment a “great choice.” Sounds like somebody else appointed him, doesn’t it? Is it customary for people to applaud their own choices? But I’m assured Purcell made the appointment to the non-classified position):