It’s Tuesday and I presume computer time will be down some tonight. They tell me there’s a football game in New Orleans. There was an afernoon party shaping up on Bourbon Street around 3 p.m. when Michelle Miller of the Times took the photo above on Bourbon Street.


* Tipster says Dennis “What We Need Is Another 9/11” Milligan is already in squabbles with the Saline Quorum Court over his budget and with one of the people he fired before taking office as county/circuit clerk. I don’t know if I have the patience to keep up with Saline intrigue.


UPDATE: Yep, the first suit filed in his office after he took office named Milligan for firing a woman he’d initially told he retained, apparently because she posted Facebook page comments expressing sympathy for others fired. And yes, the Quorum Court roughed him up for seeking to hire people in the face of a county hiring freeze and proposing fat pay raises for some people to whom he’d offered jobs. Tea Party, where art thou?

* ALSO: Sen. Mark Pryor said Medicare and Social Security cuts must be a part of correcting the federal budget.