LEST WE FORGET: A tribute to the Union fallen.

  • LEST WE FORGET: A tribute to the fallen.

You know, of course, that it is David O. Dodd Day, when the Sons of Confederate Veterans gather to mark the hanging of the Boy Martyr of the Confederacy for espionage. (You didn’t know? You must not read the Democrat-Gazette, official tribune of the CSA in Exile. As is its annual custom, it’s been promoting the event repeatedly the last couple of weeks, including once as a feature section pick of the week.)


No, the photo above is not David O. Dodd’s statue. Since the D-G rarely devotes coverage in its news pages to the side that won the war — though it never misses a Dodd day or Confederate Memorial Day ceremony — I thought the alternative press could stand in.

The first person to send in an identification of the statue above without peeking on the jump for the answer wins, oh, I don’t know, I’ll think of something special. Maybe an MP3 of Leontyne Price singing “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”