Little Rock Police Lt. Terry Hastings said Melvin Cobbs Jr., 32, of 79 Lancaster was the driver of the 2002 GMC Envoy that crashed on Stagecoach Road about 9 p.m. Saturday while trying to elude police officers chasing him on suspicion he drove the getaway car for two men who robbed Razorback Pizza near Otter Creek. Two men were seen getting out of the vehicle and fleeing on foot after the search for robbers began and they weren’t caught.

Cobbs resumed driving northbound on Stagecoach and, driving erratically, hit a Chrysler Sebring being driven by Jennifer Rowland, 29, of Little Rock near the intersection with Rockwood, according to the police report. His SUV rolled and hit a tree. He was thrown from the car and landed in a ditch. He was given medical attention but died about 40 minutes later at a hospital. The police said Rowland suffered broken legs in the accident.


Two men robbed the restaurant and a number of customers of the pizza restaurant, police said earlier. Police began chasing Cobbs’ car because it was described as the getaway car by people who called the police to report the robbery. Officers encountered it minutes after the robbery.

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