A LONG, LONG ROAD: The ice-covered I-30 prompted Sen. Steve Harrelson's airborne assistance.

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  • A LONG, LONG ROAD: The ice-covered I-30 prompted Sen. Steve Harrelson’s airborne assistance.

Your thoughts welcome. Final tidbits before I meet a commitment that takes me away early this afternoon:


* Sen. Steve Harrelson’s acceptance of a State Police helicopter ride when ice stymied his effort to drive to Little Rock for swearing in stirred up some angry comments on the blog earlier today. He has now responded [link fixed] on his blog, including with a photo of the driving conditions he faced (above).

* Mike Huckabee is the clear favorite among the Religious Right-dominated Republican voters in Iowa. That’s a considerable leg up on a presidential nomination given how much attention the media give Iowa (too much.) He wonIowa in 2008, which gave his candidacy a subsequent lift. This year, he won’t be so much of an unknown and so a win will be worth even more. And maybe he’ll pull his arm back this time when they ask Republican candidates about evolution.


One more thing: Weather willing, I’m out of here early tomorrow for three weeks. (Not to worry Durango, my fierce dog and multiple house-sitting family members are standing guard at my house.) My blogging seems likely to be non-existent on a slow boat from Singapore to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. But Gerard, David, Doug, Leslie, Lindsey and John will stand in ably. Keep sending news tips my way (maxbrantley@arktimes.com). I’ll be forwarding everything.

AND ANOTHER THING: Rush Limbaugh makes an unhinged, vitriolic and hateful attack against Democrats for suggesting that political discourse has become unhinged, vitriolic and hateful.


ALSO: Loughner family statement is short and regretful.