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Email me: Rep. Kathy Webb, D-Little Rock, thinks notifying motorists by email when it’s time to renew their registration is a good idea. Doesn’t sound too bad, especially for those of us who forget and drive around for a month or so with expired tags.


Keeping it local: Sen. Cecile Bledsoe, R-Rogers, and others have filed a bill that would keep courts from basing decisions on “any foreign law, legal code, or system that would not grant the parties affected by the ruling or decision the same fundamental liberties, rights, and privileges granted under the United States Constitution and the Arkansas Constitution.” Is this really a problem here?

Notification: A bill that would require sex offenders to register in person, instead of by mail, made it out of the House Judiciary Committee this morning. David Koon wrote last week on how confusing and complicated the list of offenders can be.


Guilty: Executive director of Arkansas Right to Life, Rose Mimms, held a press conference at the Capitol today to express her support for three bills in this year’s session. Tolbert has the details. Bascially, two of the bills are aimed at making sure that everyone involved in the entire process of having an abortion feel as guilty as possible. One would require the doctor to notify the mother if the fetus would feel pain. Another would require the doctor performing the abortion to be in the room at the time of the procedure.

Still need more?: Watch AP’s Andrew Demillo, Arkansas Business’s Lance Turner and KUAR’s Kelly MacNeil talk about what’s going on in the session on AETN’s Arkansas Week.