DA NANG, VIETNAM — Heading for harbor here on a gray morning over rough seas. I note, belatedly, an interesting article in this morning’s Democrat-Gazette by Noel Oman in which he reports on Airport Commissioner Thomas Schueck’s good idea for a free “cell phone lot” at which motorists can wait for word to pick up arriving passengers at Little Rock National Airport.

Schueck declined to push the idea — though he said he might revive it if he got enough heat — after Airport Director Ron Mathieu said the idea might cut into airport revenue.


Bring the heat.

As I’ve written before, the airport is building its expansionist vision off gouging customers ever increasing amounts to make up for what has been a declining passenger base. Even O’Hare in Chicago provides cell phone lots. It is a sign of weakness, not strength, that the airport director wants to pry nickels out of the hands of local residents trapped in the airport’s greedy maw. Would that he was so careful with the nickels he and his overpaid staff spend on themselves.


More good leadership from the airport commission. Whatever Ron wants, Ron gets.