Paul Reyes

  • Paul Reyes

The Clinton School just released its February schedule of speakers slated to lecture at Sturgis Hall, and there’s some dandies.


Among the highlights:

Feb. 16: Visiting Clinton fellow Arvind Singhal talks about improving health care through “positive deviance.” I have no idea what that means, but it sounds provocative.


Feb. 17: Former Oxford American editor Paul Reyes returns to Little Rock to talk about his book, “Exiles in Eden,” which offers a ground-level portrait of the foreclosure crisis. We reviewed it, glowingly, last year.

Feb. 25: There’s no description of the program for Sacremento Mayor Kevin Johnson and embattled former D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s appearance. Here’s hoping they cover Sacremento’s homeless problem and school vouchers and the joys of Charles Barkley and the perils of being a power couple.


Full schedule on the jump.