Egypt protests, Cory Ellis, Arkansas Abroad

  • Cory Ellis
  • ON THE ATTACK: Police attacking everyone who isn’t police, Ellis says.

I just got an update on Cory Ellis, the University of Arkansas grad currently living in Cairo, from Daniel Green, founder and managing editor of Arkansas Abroad. Ellis is, as far as anyone knows, still safe although communications have been completely cut off by the government. The last contact Green had with Ellis was around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. Someone who works in the U.S. Embassy in Cairo told Ellis to keep enough supplies in his apartment to last a couple of days, but also be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. I’ll post Green’s comments below, but be sure to visit Arkansas Abroad to get updates directly from Ellis when available. Updates from Jan. 26 and Jan. 27 are up now. Green said Ellis has noticed two things:


One, the protesters are happy to see Westerners. Because the way they view it is that Westerners are their best hope for getting this stuff out. He said they have told him that time and time again. The other thing is police are indiscriminately attacking anyone who isn’t police. In fact he has actually been jumped by the secret police a time or two. I think at last count he had been tear-gassed eight times. He said every time protesters would drag him out of the street, into a bar or something, wash his face off and then start telling him, ‘You have to tell people what is going on.’ …

One thing he is getting frustrated with is that if you watch the media, all they are talking about is ElBaradei and the Muslim Brotherhood. ElBaradei didn’t come until the protests had already started and the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t get involved until the last three days. That’s something he was wanting to drive home, that the Western assertion that one or the other was the leader of this organization. That’s completely and totally wrong.

Green’s full comments on the jump.