Daniel Green from Arkansas Abroad checks in this morning to say that Cory Ellis, a University of Arkansas grad now studying in Cairo as part of a master’s degree program (who we told you about Thursday), will be evacuating Egypt along with other American nationals. Ellis believes he will travel to Athens, but he’s not quite sure. Green, Ellis and Tony Farm, a Coptic Egyptian-American and a graduate of UALR Bowen School of Law who currently practices law in Dallas, recorded a podcast yesterday that you can listen to here. Green said the last time he spoke with Ellis things were getting ugly.


“He was pretty shook up the last time I talked to him,” Green says. “He talked about how the mosques put out a call to create neighborhood militias. Food supplies are running low, the government had cut off water to some neighborhoods and it’s getting ugly on the streets. He no longer felt safe so he was going to leave if he could.”

CNN has contacted Green in an attempt to find and interview Ellis. We’ll keep you posted if that happens.