As we told you in our December 30th issue, today is the deadline for public input on a proposed land use plan under consideration by Pulaski County government that is intended to, “ensure that growth patterns and intensities of development within the (Lake Maumelle) watershed are consistent with the protection of our water supply, as well as of the scenic, recreational, and economic value of the watershed to our region.”

But good luck to anyone seeking information on where to direct your comments. There is nothing on the Pulaski County website providing guidance and to top that there is not even an announcement the county is seeking public input. You can view the plan, and see other public comments, here. Be sure to read the story above for some background. If you’re concerned about developments in, and regulations regarding, the watershed, you can email your comments to Pulaski County’s director of planning and development, Van McClendon, at All comments received at this email address before midnight tonight will be taken into account.