A reader notes a Jan. 31 filing with the Federal Election Commission that terminates Huckabee for President Inc., the committee through which he mounted his 2008 presidential campaign. The committee closed its books zeroed out, having raised and spent about $16 million. The only money put into the committee in the final reporting period was $41,000 from Huckabee himself (listed at Silverwood Trail, North Little Rock, though the money was given in December, by which time Huckabee was putatively a non-Arkansas-resident, but a resident of income-tax-free Florida.)

His Huck PAC continues. I have no idea if this action bears any significance. He set up this committee in April 2007. There’s ample time for him to set up another committee for a 2012 run. He’s delaying a decision because conversion to a candidate could interfere with his lucrative media and speaking work.