KFSM TV is shocked to discover women are selling sex to businessmen in Bentonville. They’re not streetwalking, mind you. Assignations are arranged through covers of escort services and other means. Damn. Who knew? Not the police chief.

“I knew prostitution was something that occurred everywhere” Bentonville Police Chief, James Allen said. “But I was shocked, having been Chief of Police here for well over 20 years that our community as small as it was has such a big problem with prostitution.”

I am sure you are shocked, too, to learn that a town with hotels stocked daily with expense account travelers, mostly male, paying calls on major international corporations such as Walmart might have developed a lucrative business in “room service” to these travelers. Actually, I’m not shocked. A quick Google shows prostitution busts have been a fact of life in B’ville for many a year. In one bust several years ago, a john described the procedure of calling an escort service to send a date to a local motel and being instructed to hang a “service requested” sign on the door handle to signal the proper room.


Given the locale, I do think the TV station missed a bet on investigating pricing practices and whether the industry delivers everyday low prices for both brand name and generic merchandise.