THANKS BUT NO THANKS: Annie Abrams with President Obama.

  • THANKS BUT NO THANKS: Annie Abrams with President Obama.

Kathy Wells of the Coalition of Greater Little Rock Neighborhoods reports that a proposal to rename a stretch of 19th Street for long-time community worker Annie Abrams has been withdrawn at the request of Mrs. Abrams. The idea had stirred opposition, both to the specific request and generally, and had prompted a proposed city ordinance to ban the naming of streets for living people.


Wells sent around a letter Abrams wrote to Muhammad Rasheed, who’d proposed the name change to honor Abrams. She said she appreciated the honor, but noted some of the problems that street renamings can cause, including when GPS systems aren’t updated to reflect name changes. She asked that Rasheed withdraw the request and commented, “I will work even harder to make 19th Street a safe and beautiful street that will help it to become one of the best cities to live in. Again, I thank you for the efforts you and your organization put forth In this endeavor. Please know I will continue to help bring all people together for the better common good of all the residents of our great city.”