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  • BLOODIED: Heavy concentration of diesel fluid in a creek near Greenwood, AR.

The Arkansas Public Policy Panel released a report this morning, detailing the risks involved with natural gas exploration at every stage of the process and listed recommendations that should be pursued by lawmakers to protect public health and the environment. Rep. Kathy Webb has filed a few legislative solutions to these problems already. The report is one of the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen, explaining in very readable terms what can often be very esoteric concepts and lingo associated with the industry. The Times has reported heavily on this issue, including the dangers associated with the disposal of drilling waste and the problems experienced by local landowners. From the report:


All other industries (including other energy and resource extractive industries, such as coal and hard rock mining) must comply with environmental measures designed to protect human health and the environment. It is clear that gas exploration and production industries should be subject to these same standards.

Exemptions from federal laws have given the oil and gas industry privileges that are unjustifi ed. In applying for permits to drill or build pipelines in Arkansas, oil and gas production and pipeline companies have promised adherence to Best Management Practices; yet many of these promises go unfulfi lled, and serious damage has already occurred as a result.

Read the press release, complete with a list of policy recommendations, on the jump.